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According to Ayurvedic tradition, Calamus Root (vacha) is a ‘sattvic’ herb which feeds and transmutes the ‘kundalini’ energy in its action as a stimulating nerve tonic that helps support brain function. It is used to promote cerebral circulation, to stimulate self-expression (in Sanskrit vacha literally means speaking) and to help support overall brain health and functioning.

It is known to remove the toxic residues and the effects of other drugs (including those resulting from hallucinogens, psychotomimetic and even heavy marijuana use) from fatty tissues within the liver, nervous system and brain. It is often used in post-stroke (CVA) recovery protocols in the treatment of aphasia. By nourishing sadhaka pitta it specifically strengthens the ability of the mind to receive information and recall from memory.

In terms of Ayurvedic energy, it is bitter in taste, of a heating virya and with a sweet vipaka. Ordinarily it pacifies vata and kapha and heightens pitta, although in some individuals and in higher dosages it may heighten vata as well.This is an herb with a wide spectrum of applications, including the treatment of inflammatory swellings and wounds, angina pectoris, severe sore throat, cough, arthritis, asthma, laryngitis, sinus congestion, sinus headaches, gastritis, gastric ulcers, colic pain, dyspepsia, diarrhea, anorexia, periodontal diseases, deafness, neuralgia, and shock.


Alodhra in crude forms such as this powder may cause constipation. The digestive system and metabolism need to be strong enough to process this herb for it to have maximum benefits. In high pitta constitutions, the likelihood of low digestive fire (low agni) is very strong. For this, another form or method should be recommended by your Ayurvedic healthcare practitioner.


Grade A wild-crafted Vacha powder


Available in 1 oz. packet


Use Vacha as part of an herbal water mixture, or other recipe prescribed by your Ayurvedic health practitioner.

It is recommended that you consult with your physician before using this herb.


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