Prabal Panchamrit

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Product Overview

Prabal Panchamrit is a highly absorbable form of calcium that is used for bone health, hyper-acidity in the stomach, tired or blurred vision in the eyes, blood purification, and joint support. It is nourishing for the lungs and provides immune system support, especially for those with compromised immunity. While it works with the body to do each of these, each protocol varies and should be provided based on the individual’s specific needs. Consultations are available for these advanced protocols by clicking the “Request A Consultation” option above.

Directions for General Use:

Take 1 capsule after breakfast and dinner with 1 tsp of raw, uncooked honey and spring water, or as instructed by your Ayurvedic practitioner.

It is recommended that you consult with your physician before using this herb.


This product is not intended for use in children 10 years old or younger.


SVAFF Prabal Synergy, Himalayan Spring Water, Moti (Pearl), Shankha (conch shells), Mukta Shukti Bhasma (absolute pearl), Organic Coconut Water, Organic Coconut Milk.


Available in 60 ct capsules.


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. This information is intended to be informational and educational only and should not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.