Herb Rich Hair Oil

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Product Overview

Herb Rich Hair Oil features nourishing and detoxifying herbs that help the hair to maintain its strength, luster, and length while balancing and nurturing the scalp. It is an essential for helping to protect against environmental toxins. It is free of harsh and toxic chemicals and synthetic aromas.


Herb Rich Synergy (SVAFF proprietary blend) with Harsinger, Haritaki, Asthi Shrinkala, Amla, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Shankhpushpi, Vacha, Taga, Narikeal, Neem, Daru Haridra, Camphor, Rose, Aloe Vera, Nutmeg, Tulsi, Kamal Lotus, Hibiscus, Bhumi Amla, Bhringraj, White Sandalwood, White Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, and Lavender in a base of Organic Sesame and Organic Grapeseed Oils


Available in 4 oz. bottle


Warm the oil slightly in hot water in your sink, pour some oil into the palm of your hand and massage into the scalp using your fingertips. Leave the oil on your scalp for 20 minutes before washing your hair with Herb Rich Shampoo. You may leave it on for longer but you must cover your head with a cotton scarf to keep warm. Stay away from cold drafts. For best results, use Herb Rich Hair Oil twice per week.

Store in a cool, dark place.


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